Editorial Board

Editor-in chief: 
Dr Tamal Dasgupta

Assistant Professor of English, Ambedkar College, University of Delhi

Editorial Board:

Dr Sourav Gupta

Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Central University of Orissa

Dr Saptarshi Mallick

Assistant Professor of English, Sukanta Mahavidyalaya (North Bengal University)

Dr Sayantan Thakur
Assistant Professor of English, ICFAI University Tripura

Dr Amit Shankar Saha
Assistant Professor of English, Seacom Skills University, Shantiniketan

Rituparna Koley
Editor, Shoptodina (ISSN 2395 6054)

Editorial Advisor:
Dipendu Chakrabarti

Ex-Gooroodas Banerjee Professor, Dept of English, University of Calcutta

The Editorial Board can be contacted at shoptodina@gmail.com

JBS does not publicise the list of its peer reviewers in order to stick to the policy of double-blind peer review so that a potential contributor cannot directly contact a peer reviewer under any circumstances.

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